TL – Daytime Ottawa

For those of you that watch Daytime Ottawa (and if you don’t you should…), TL Rader is leaving the show after 5 years. TL’s presence on the show was and is amazing – her chemistry with co-host Derick Fage is simply stunning and genuine.
Daytime is an amazing place to see our best local musical talent and to get a real inside to what is happening in our city – its a great show and it is truly heartfelt. Daytime is also a great place to volunteer and learn some valuable skills!
TL, if you read this, please know that you’ll be really missed but we are excited for you and for your new adventures. All the very best too you, Cheers!!
For more on ‘Comfortably Numb – Canada’s Pink Floyd Show’:

For more on ‘The AK Project:


~ by theakproject on August 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “TL – Daytime Ottawa”

  1. Awwwww….. this warmed my heart…..thank you so much for these kind, kind words…..xoxoxo TL

  2. Cheers TL!! Daytime is just not the same without you – that kind of on-air magic is hard to replace!
    Your fans from The AK Project and Numb!

  3. (sigh) I’m so sad to see TL go 😦 I’m so going to miss her bubbly and smile-inducing presence……..

    I agree with everything you’ve said ~ the chemistry that she has/had with Derek is a rare thing.

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